Jesse Marsh throws tantrum against Philadelphia Union (Video)

New York Red Bulls manager Jesse Marsh wasn’t happy with the center official and threw a hissy fit during the team’s US Open Cup match against the Philadelphia Union on Wednesday.

Games can get testy between sports rivals. On Wednesday in US Open Cup action, the Philadelphia Union came from behind with two second-half goals to defeat the New York Red Bulls and advance to the quarterfinals. Jesse Marsh threw a hissy fit with the time winding down in the second half after being ejected for what appeared to be dissent when he picked up two soccer balls and threw them at the Union’s bench.

In the video below it appears like a game of dodge ball rather than a soccer match taking place at Talen Energy Stadium. Marsh is clearly mad and almost takes on Union head coach Jim Curtin with one of the balls he threw.

Marsh is justifiably angry after his team blew their lead and gave up two goals in the second half. He claimed to pull the stunt during the press conference after the match to get his team’s attention and because the ref were allegedly calling everything in the Union’s favor.

It’s possible than MLS or US Soccer could fine the Red Bulls manager for his comments about the ref. His comments weren’t overly egregious, but both organizations have fined coaches for past comments about officiating.

Nonetheless, Marsh’s antics on the sideline didn’t accomplish anything he was hoping for. The center official didn’t change how he was calling the match and the Red Bulls looked lifeless for most of the second half.

The Union’s slow and steady approach allowed the hosts to come away with another US Open Cup win at home, while yet another MLS rival left the stadium in a hissy fit. New York was clearly the better team at half, but the momentum didn’t carry over into the second half of action.

Marsh’s actions looked to be the most energetic of the Red Bulls personnel in the second half. The team coughed up the lead and continued their struggles in Open Cup play. In the morning Marsh may regret his sideline antics, but on Wednesday night in Chester, PA the Red Bulls manager looked like a toddler in their terrible two stage who wasn’t getting their way.

All around the Red Bulls will need to learn from Wednesday’s loss and that includes how to act on the pitch when things aren’t going their way. It was hilarious for opposing and neutral fans to see a coach flip out, but it’s not a good look for the coach or the franchise.