Arsenal: Five replacements for Alexis Sanchez

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Paulo Dybala, Juventus

A younger option would be 23-year-old Paulo Dybala, currently playing for Juventus.  A target for Real Madrid, the young Argentine forward would cost Arsenal more than what they could expect to receive for Sanchez but he is an incredible talent, who would be expected to replicate Sanchez’s role once he settled in London.

It is tough to think of a more complete young forward with the ability to dribble, cross or take long shots at the edge of the box but his only weakness as a striker would be heading the football for goals.

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Of course, Arsenal would not be the only team interested in his services.  Juventus are trying to sign him to an extension until 2021 that includes no release clause.   Real Madrid have registered their interest and Barcelona also would like to get their hands on Dybala – known as “Messi’s heir” in Argentina – and have been rumored to have presented Juventus with a 80 million Euro offer that was rejected.

If Sanchez were to leave, Dybala would definitely soften the sting for Arsenal fans but the price to pay for that softener would be astronomical and a fee that Wenger would never be able to sanction.