Tottenham Hotspur: Failure leaves José Mourinho unfairly at risk

Jose Mourinho, Tottenham. Hotspur (Photo by ANP Sport via Getty Images)
Jose Mourinho, Tottenham. Hotspur (Photo by ANP Sport via Getty Images) /

Tottenham Hotspur have not improved massively since Jose Mourinho was appointed, leaving him at risk…

A top-five or even top-six finish is steadily becoming less likely for Tottenham Hotspur as injuries pile up and volition ebbs. After the innovation that was Steven Bergwijn, his recent injury is just the next in a line of losses for Mauricio Pochettino at first, and José Mourinho since November.

Combined with the injuries to Harry Kane and Son Heung-min, it may be a test of character that Spurs have held out this long. Selling Christian Eriksen was likely the correct decision since he did not want to resign in North London, but how does one replace all the big names I previously mentioned in one campaign?

José Mourinho and the very tall task for Tottenham Hotspur this season

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I was not remarkably kind to José Mourinho as he was rumoured to replace Mauricio Pochettino; furthermore, I stated that the campaign was a failure months ago. While Mourinho has his faults, it is comparable to the job Pochettino was wrongly fired because of; my own logic dictates, therefore, that it cannot be all Mourinho’s either.

His task was always a very tall one for a relatively diminutive man, “the Special One” has always provided gigantic coaching ability. The mass of injuries and declined form of the squad Pochettino inherited from last years UCL Final reaching climb left a team that never got going.

It was always difficult to see what bringing in Mourinho was going to do for this campaign; could he provide something that Mauricio Pochettino could not? The defence has not looked like a Mourinho defence and Poch surely demands a more thrilling brand of football than his successor.

Injuries and missed opportunities are the calling card of this years Tottenham Hotspur outfit but the future could hold a chance for redemption.

Tomorrow’s Dream

While this year has been difficult for Spurs,  their quality is still potentially ferocious next year; their financial situation could take a hit however, should they not manage to get back into European play for next season.

With this dichotomy of circumstance to navigate, José Mourinho has a real predicament; he must have patience during a lost campaign with loads of young players, while simultaneously needing desperately to finish in the top five/six, at the very least.

A healthy Harry Kane, Son Heung-min, Steven Bergwijn and Dele Alli will be an intimidating sight for England to be sure; further development of midfield youth like Giovani Lo Celso and Gedson Fernandes will only strengthen a position which sorely misses their former maestro Christian Eriksen.

The defence will have to be mended however; this outfit looks nothing like a Mourinho managed defence and it has contributed to this precipitous drop in performance. Again, staying in Europe is going to be massive in this ambition; the financial restraints will only tighten should they fail.

Next year, with Manchester City’s European ban, next year is wide open after Liverpool. Everton will be much improved and Arsenal will have had time under Mikel Arteta as well; Wolves will remain a tough out while Leicester City, Chelsea and Manchester United continue to push upward.

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Tottenham must match their closest rivals in the ambition to catch the toasts of Premier League football this year; only time will tell if José Mourinho was the correct replacement for Mauricio Pochettino but getting back into Europe is a start towards dispelling any doubt in the Special One’s abilities.