How does Jonathan Ikoné of Lille fit in with Everton?

Carlo Ancelotti, Everton (Photo by Tony McArdle/Everton FC via Getty Images)
Carlo Ancelotti, Everton (Photo by Tony McArdle/Everton FC via Getty Images) /

Where one Lille starlet went to Chelsea, another one remains available and intriguing for the Everton Toffee’s; Jonathan Ikoné.

Jonathan Ikoné remains an attacking  midfield option in the transfer market for Everton, despite other teams continued interest in his services. Lille looks to be continuing to cash in on their dynamic development program; names like Lucas Digne, Eden Hazard, Pepe and Gabriel Magalhaes are all examples of the efficacy and profitability of the clubs methods.

For Everton, it is the never ending rumor mill churning out names that any and all clubs would be keeping tabs upon. While Ikoné could provide dynamic relief In the middle of any attacking shape, his ability to grow and synergize with the other young talent of Everton remains an upside worth exploring.

Will Everton strike out in the endeavor of transferring for another Lille difference maker? Who is Jonathan Ikoné, and what would the impact of his signing be? What would it do for the other players in Goodison Park?

Jonathan Ikoné: An offensive option in midfield for years to come

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What separates the transfer of someone like Jonathan Ikoné with that of James Rodriguez is that one is a long term investment while the other is a right now endeavour. While it would be marvellous if both could occur, it is an uncertain reality with the current global circumstance.

I could see this transfer happening more easily than that of James Rodriguez because of upside in that same vein. Carlo Ancelotti wants to grow a talented, young group together; while veterans are useful and should be sprinkled in when available or necessary, the idea is to keep the window as wide and open as possible for as long as possible.

Signing Jonathan Ikoné would be an endeavour in that idea; his vision, creativity and innovation with possession of the football are worth trying to get around some of Everton’s dynamic playmakers. Pair him alongside someone like Alex Iwobi, Andre Gomes, Jean-Philippe Gbamin or Tom Davies and you can expect to see a marked improvement in both.

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Players like Richarlison and Dominic Calvert-Lewin are really emerging as top-flight attacking players when in the correct circumstances; Don Carlo must, therefore, work to create those circumstances as consistently as possible for Everton to have palpable success and Jonathan Ikoné is useful towards that end.

Reinventing the middle of the pitch for Everton is as important as identifying defensive reinforcements; protecting that backline is as useful as adding to, and scoring goals fluidly is important in any era of football. Jonathan Ikoné is a step in that direction with great pace, ambition and ability. Carlo Ancelotti and Big Duncan Ferguson are licking their lips in anticipation of this potential addition.

How Everton attack the transfer market will dictate what positions find innovation

Whether Everton gets Jonathan Ikoné, Gareth Bale or James Rodriguez dictates the haste with which they can go about attacking the other levels of their starting squad. Everton has a good, young team but it sometimes does not shine through because of a lack of depth, and sometimes creativity.

Any of those aforementioned players adds something desperately missing from the Toffee’s; getting more than one of them this offseason would be a marvellous coup in Merseyside, I can assure everyone.

But the haste with which this business can be concluded determines the haste with which more deals can be moved forward on; while Everton is not made of money as I’ve qualified already, they have the ability to make significant moves at all three levels of their team.

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Defense is imperative and while I know the Boss has confidence in players like Yerry Mina and Mason Holgate, one cannot deny that they simply require greater help. This more humbling part of the game cannot be forgotten in the hunt for big names and flashy youth; defense will have its part to play in Everton’s development one way or another.