Allan and Hirving Lozano are worth purchasing together for Everton’s future

Hirving Lozano, SSC Napoli (Photo by Francesco Pecoraro/Getty Images)
Hirving Lozano, SSC Napoli (Photo by Francesco Pecoraro/Getty Images) /

It is no secret that Carlo Ancelotti would like to blend players at his past destinations into his new venture at Everton; whether it’s James Rodriguez, Jack Grealish, or Allan and Hirving Lozano from Napoli, the pattern has certainly emerged.

According to Football Italia, via France Football, Napoli’s President Aurelio De Laurentiis would love to sell both players, Allan and Hirving Lozano, to their former boss Ancelotti together, to replenish their coffers significantly. While this presents a good strategy for Napoli, it may not be that poor of a circumstance for the Toffees either, after proper analysis.

Innovations are needed at both midfield and the wing positions; getting two players who are capable of both positions, who are familiar with Don Ancelotti’s tactics and tendencies, can only help the team progress as a whole. From offensive fluidity to the organization behind them, a solid midfield can make a world of difference for an entire starting eleven.

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It is no secret that Gylfi Sigurdsson likely is gone after this season is concluded; his impact has fallen far short of expectations and a change of scenery could do wonders for the Icelandic international.

While Everton needs a decisive midfield maestro, they also require help on the wing; Bernard Duarte and Theo Walcott have both been inconsistent out wide and Richarlison has proven most valuable in front of goal.

Allan provides the midfield leadership that has been lacking since the reign of Marco Silva; his age, experience and ability could expedite the growth of the young men around him. He requires a manager whose system he appreciates and whom he can contribute to without the turmoil hanging around Napoli this season.

Hirving Lozano, on the other hand, has suffered since moving to Italy; losing his manager early in that process did little to facilitate that comfort of course. While Allan has remained productive despite the issues and upheaval, Lozano cannot say the same thing to be sure.

A fresh start for Lozano is necessary for a very different reason than for Allan; Hirving needs a team that believes in him, with a creative, thoughtful manager. Hirving Lozano still has much to grow and improve on; he and Allan are at very different points in their careers to be sure, but Lozano has still remarkable untapped potential.

On the left side of a front four featuring Richarlison, Dominic Calvert-Lewin and/or Moise Kean, Lozano could very well excite and reenergize Goodison Park as he did in the Netherlands.

Money Matters: Can the transfer be accommodated?

While it’s noted in the aforementioned report that the transfer could cost in the region of €70-80 million, that may not take into account the current economic conditions. Furthermore, with the money saved during the Winter window, that sum for two high-value players, who understand the system they’re coming to, could be a smooth deal rather more than an ultimatum; moving Gylfi Sigurdsson could further expedite the move as well.

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Whether Everton would continue in search of another winger or midfielder would be to be determined of course, but they could certainly garner those two before turning the focus to defensive help to accompany them.

Supporting the budding stars they already possess should be key in whatever strategy the club pursues for summer transfers; Allan and Hirving Lozano could accommodate this, perhaps even better kept together than separately.