Bayern Munich: Assessing the best suitor for Kingsley Coman

Kinglsey Coman, Bayern Munich (Photo by Sven Hoppe/picture alliance via Getty Images)
Kinglsey Coman, Bayern Munich (Photo by Sven Hoppe/picture alliance via Getty Images) /

Kingsley Coman has quickly become a hot name in the transfer rumor mill; the teams he’s linked to are amongst Europes best.

Manchester City, Barcelona and Real Madrid are all in contention to sign the Frenchman; should Kingsley Coman desire to leave Bayern München at all that is. The Bavarian giants are currently attempting to build an imposing roster, of which Coman is a contributor to as of now.

Should Die Roten choose to stuff their coffers further, the choices are all compelling for Coman; City is reloading after an off year by their impressive standards. Barcelona and Real Madrid on the other hand, are always looking to build upon their position, currently one and two respectively in La Liga.

Which team is most appealing for the player? Who could use Coman most efficiently and who will he ultimately end up playing for? These are all reasonable questions to delve into on the topic, and so we do.

Kingsley Coman: No shortage of choices

It is not every player who can leave a club to offers from three of the top clubs in the world; Kingsley Coman has earned this privilege certainly. When it comes to them, I think each choice is compelling and offers unique qualities for the player; I personally believe that England and Manchester City would be wisest for him personally.

While playing with Messi is certainly compelling, the amount of talent on the wings is alarming; unless he plays centrally up front, he might find himself in a muddled chart in Barcelona. He is not necessary, likely a poor fit, and has little likelihood of landing here in my opinion.

At Real Madrid meanwhile, Coman could shine; I believe this would be his second best location if truth be told. Zinedine Zidane knows how to compile weaponry for his field generals; those maestros tend to execute properly when gifted with the proper men. Manchester City offers a better opportunity in my mind however.

Manchester City has weapons, they have a marvelous head coach and they will likely soon also have room for another winger; once Leroy Sané is on to Bayern, the timeshare with players like Bernardo Silva and Riyad Mahrez will begin. It is unlike the Barcelona situation however for a number of reasons to be sure.

At Manchester City, the rotation is steady to compensate for the gambit of up to 6 different tournaments throughout the year. This has led to some dissatisfaction at times, whether with Leroy Sane or Gabriel Jesus, but winning always stifles any such noise.

At Barcelona they win, but the management is not as capable as Pep to be blunt; the team is built differently with the power of Messi always quite palpable. While Pep manages egos, he wins titles and builds players all the while; that is another reason he and Zinedine Zidane have advantages over Barcelona.

This could change should Xavi take over and demonstrate mettle and acumen as manager; if it doesn’t, Barcelona will lag behind as the Messi era draws ever closer to resolution.

Who does Coman suit up for?

I believe Manchester City and Real Madrid have an edge over Barcelona in the race to acquire Kingsley Coman; that’s only if Bayern München choose to sell him however.

With this said, I believe that Kingsley Coman has as good a chance of staying in southern Germany as anywhere else; likely a greater possibility than all, with City as the closest rational destination. It may even be that Coman moves to Manchester as part of the Sané transfer; they are similar ages and play the same position.

With Coman, Pep could likely keep his squad diverse and deep with aggressive wingers; Kingsley meanwhile, would get taught by one of the best teachers football has seen in many years. It is too good a scenario to pass up, no matter his affection for Munich and Die Roten.

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Staying wouldn’t be poor form if he could though; Bayern with Coman, Sané and Gnabry on either side of Robert Lewandowski is beyond lethal to think about. If there is no reason to go, I’m not so sure he shouldn’t stay and continue in his time in the Bundesliga; if it time however, he’s got some great opportunities at major clubs to soften the pain of rejection.