Carlo Ancelotti is the reason Adrien Rabiot wants to come to Everton

Adrien Rabiot, Juventus (Photo by Jean Catuffe/Getty Images)
Adrien Rabiot, Juventus (Photo by Jean Catuffe/Getty Images) /

Adrien Rabiot seems ever dissatisfied with his current team; whether that’s PSG or Juventus, it is certainly a recurring theme in his young, promising career.

Because Adrien Rabiot once again finds himself out of substantive rotation with a top club, he is rumoured for an English move. The English Premier League has an abundance of teams who are interested in his services; Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal to name a few.

Rabiot has chosen Everton as his preferred destination however; something of a shock when in comparison with the other clubs mentioned. Why is this? What could be giving Everton in the edge in acquiring Adrien Rabiot?

Adrien Rabiot: In need of guidance and innovation

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Even as reports suggest James Rodriguez would prefer to stay in Spain instead of an English move, Adrien Rabiot desires to become a Toffee. I think that this interest can be explained by a couple of factors particularly; the skill, youth and talent of Everton, as well as the legendary manager Carlo Ancelotti.

Talent is nothing new for Adrien Rabiot; he’s been around it his entire life, and he is loaded with it himself. It’s been fitting in that is seemingly more difficult than ability;  playing on teams featuring Kylian Mbappe, Angel Di Maria, Neymar Jr, Cristiano Ronaldo, Paulo Dybala, etc, is nothing to take lightly.

Rabiot fits in with these players talent-wise, but perhaps not personality or work ethic wise; at Everton the players are skilled, young and hungry for victory. Richarlison, Dominic Calvert-Lewin and Alex Iwobi could benefit greatly from a maestro equipped with the gifts of an Adrien Rabiot.

Should Moise Kean remain on the Everton Toffees, he too would benefit; recent rumours suggest that may not necessarily be where the future lay for Kean.

In any event, Adrien Rabiot would fit in talent-wise at Everton; but can he be managed from a personality standpoint? This is where the second portion comes into play; Don Carlo Ancelotti and Big Duncan Ferguson.

Everton: Strong Leadership from two different legends

Adrien Rabiot is passionate, he is stubborn and he wants to win; under Carlo Ancelotti, he could succeed to a remarkable degree to be sure. Rabiot’s ability to pass, to score and his size make him a wonderful weapon for a manager who can use him properly.

While Ancelotti must use his leadership and charisma to work Rabiot into Goodison Park, he must also sharpen his skill set without alienating him. The legendary manager has the experience, the tact, the intellect and the history to manage this situation accordingly.

I think it’s telling that Rabiot wants to go to Everton; he wants the type of education afforded by a legendary manager. Indeed, were he to be a success at Goodison Park, he would be a legend as he could be at few other teams in England.

Thanks to some good fortune, Everton have two different legends, certainly of different calibres perhaps, but legends all the same. While Carlo Ancelotti needs little introduction from me to a football fan, Duncan Ferguson might unless you’re a Toffee.

A giant of a man during his playing days in front for Everton, Ferguson wears a broken watch and Toffee armband on the sidelines to this day. He was a brilliant choice for a caretaker manager after Marco Silva was fired, and retaining him was a stroke of brilliance by Carlo Ancelotti.

The passion Ferguson quickly flooded the formerly lifeless Everton side when he came to caretaker power, and that energy for Everton football is something the players at the club appreciate about him most. He will get on players in training and demands full effort; should Adrien Rabiot work and demonstrate his passion in this way, he will be in a position to make Everton a radically dangerous outfit.

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Why does Adrien Rabiot want the move to Everton? It is the best opportunity for himself in every respect; playing, talent and manager taken into consideration, it is hardly close. Sure, are the clubs like Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United attractive? Absolutely. But Everton is on the up and coming; a few key players and tweaks in strategy could see the Royal Blue’s towards the top of the league table next year. It’s hardly a wonder why Rabiot would want to be a part of that moving forward.