Europes Hidden Gems – Ekstraklasa Edition: Bartosz Bida

Bartosz Bida, Jagiellonia (Photo by Krzysztof Porebski/PressFocus/MB Media/Getty Images)
Bartosz Bida, Jagiellonia (Photo by Krzysztof Porebski/PressFocus/MB Media/Getty Images) /
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Bartosz Bida
Bartosz Bida, Poland (Photo by Pawel Andrachiewicz/PressFocus/MB Media/Getty Images) /

Potential future transfer destinations:

In terms of the interest surrounding Bida, there isn’t much chatter on the transfer front regarding the player, which for once is refreshing when it comes to young talented players. As of right now, I would think it would be in Bida’s interest to stay in Poland for a couple more years to both play regularly and develop in a comfortable environment. While the moves of other young talents, especially from England have been touted as success stories (which they have been for the most part), the players that have made the jump at an early age weren’t going to get a chance at their original teams in the first place. Not for some time anyway. In Bida’s case, he is becoming an integral part of the Jagiellonia squad and could be their focal point of attack for many years to come.

Of course, at some point, to further develop his career Bida will eventually have to leave Jagiellonia and Poland to play at a higher level. The question is, where should he go? If Bida had a choice, the player seems to prefer a move to either Serie A or La Liga, as per TVP Sport.

My entire room is covered in posters of AC Milan players. Dida, Maldini, Kaka, Nesta, Pirlo. I watched their games in the Champions League. I really like to watch the Italian league, I’d like to play in this league one day, it is my dream.” – Bartosz Bida, TVP Sport

While his sentiments may lay with Milan, Bida is focused very much on the here and now. In the same interview he very explicitly reiterates this, as if to prove a point:

The dream is Serie A or La Liga, but the here and now is most important. I don’t want to look too far into the future. I don’t think about transfers too much. If a club comes into to purchase me, and my club agrees to sell, that is when I’ll start thinking about it…I know that it only takes a few bad performances and that interest goes away, which is why I am focused on playing for the first team with Jagiellonia.”

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Time will tell whether Bartosz Bida’s dream transfer to Serie A or La Liga will come true, but one thing is certain: Bida is an undeniable talent in the making, one that likely will be on the radar of some of Europe’s top clubs in the near future. One can hope that he can sustain this air of professionalism and commitment throughout the next couple years, and we may just yet see the rise of yet another talented youngster from one of Europe’s lesser known leagues.