Tottenham: For Tanguy Ndombele, it’s Barcelona or nothing

The French midfielder is not going to make it at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho simply does not bond well with young French midfielders. Of course, this is a coincidence but the tales of Paul Pogba and Tanguy Ndombele can be seen as very similar; two players that were signed for a big price tag but failed by Mourinho, at two different clubs of course.

While Pogba, for some reason, remains a Manchester United player, Ndombele must escape this same fate. Especially considering Mourinho is still the manager of Tottenham and it doesn’t look like his position at the helm is in any real jeopardy.

Ndombele struggles to get game time as it is, but this season when he has been gifted minutes on the pitch, he has oftentimes looked lethargic and like he shouldn’t be in the team. This is not who he is as a player at all since he is renowned for being energetic and a real spirit in any team. Truth be told, a fresh start is exactly what he needs.

He has been shown a tonne of interest from Barcelona, which would be the perfect destination for the French midfielder. As Barcelona are looking to equip their midfield for the future, having signed Frenkie De Jong last summer, Ndombele is the ideal option for them.

Ndombele loves to play with the ball at his feet as he is a sensational dribbler of the ball. Although, at the same time, he is perhaps surprisingly a real physical player too. So he is the best of both world; a twinkle-toes yet a real bulldozer. In many ways, he is similar to Mousa Dembele.

Barcelona has been in dreadful form since the restart and as the weeks go on, they seem to be surrendering the title to Real Madrid more and more. That said, it remains to be seen what the future of Barcelona holds, but one thing’s for sure, the club would almost definitely benefit from signing Ndombele.

Do you think Barcelona should sign Tanguy Ndombele?