Are Bale and Reguilon enough for Tottenham to compete this season?

Tottenham, Gareth Bale (Photo by DAVID MIRZOEFF/AFP via Getty Images)
Tottenham, Gareth Bale (Photo by DAVID MIRZOEFF/AFP via Getty Images) /

Help on the left side of the pitch is useful, but will it be enough for Tottenham?

That question is of course, subjective as per what “enough” can be qualified as for Tottenham, at this particular time. For teams that are managed by Jose Mourinho, enough has only ever been silverware, and not just domestic cups, but league trophies or European endeavors.

Both newly acquired players, the former a Tottenham legend already, come to England having won trophies in Spain and Europe. And yet Tottenham, who I’ve been urging to resign Bale for sometime, have gone decades without silverware of any sort.

And so with qualifications and perspective understood a bit better, can Gareth Bale and Sergio Reguilon make any real difference in north London?

Bale and Reguilon: Reinforcements, but perhaps still a year or so away from the big time once again

In short, no, at least, not immediately speaking. And while Sergio Reguilon will be at Tottenham for sometime, Bale is technically only back on a loan. One can imagine that his future beyond that is  dependent on his skill level and play this season; of course, some trophies wouldn’t hurt that ambition either.

But the Premier League is too stacked between the likes of the Manchester clubs, the Merseyside clubs, as well as those in London itself. This excludes Leicester City or Wolverhampton as well of course, but are Tottenham even the best club in their own city? It is doubtful that they can compete with either Chelsea or even Arsenal during this campaign on a consistent basis anyway.

By my math, that puts them outside the top six and possibly down further depending on how teams like Everton play this season. This can just about quash the hopes of a Premier league title, but what of either other domestic competitions or the Europa League?

Domestic Cups and Europe: The Best Silverware hopes for Tottenham this year

This leaves either the FA or Carabao Cups, and/or Europa League to fulfill this desire and ambition for Spurs. After escaping the Carabao Cup with a victory on penalties against Chelsea, that trophy is still in reach for the club, but they will have to go through the biggest names of the Premiership to make it through; on current form, I wouldn’t wager them to win it personally.

The FA Cup and Europa League are different stories however; Tottenham will likely move through Europe with relative ease until they get to the later stages against the better clubs or England and Europe. Their potential to win in Europe therefore, depends heavily on how the team congeals over the course of the season at home and abroad. Players like Steven Bergwijn last season, as well as Bale and Reguilon this season, were brought in specifically for a purpose such as this. If they can contribute more frequently and consistently, Europe could be in reach despite the competition they’ll surely face.

Which leaves the Football Association Cup; while Spurs ambitions here aren’t necessarily tied to those in Europe, it is not difficult to suggest that a positive side in European and domestic play could mean a more competitive unit as the FA Cup moves on over the months.

Tottenham: A Work in Progress, of which should be given proper time to evolve

I have been very critical of Jose Mourinho across his time as manager at either Manchester United as well as since he came to north London and Tottenham. Yet, I have also opined the unfairness of his circumstance at times as well; can not we feel contradictory feelings about people?

In any event, I believe that he should be given the time at this current stop, even if this year doesn’t bring the reward that Tottenham fans have long waited for. sacking Mauricio Pochettino was likely a mistake and so, one must give the next boss real time and patience to remake the club how he likes it best. In doing so, he could continue to build a team that has talent at every level of play, but simply seems to lack a volition as per how to play most effectively and efficiently.

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Adding players like Gareth Bale and Sergio Reguilon are important innovations but they, as well as their teammates, must be given time to grow and develop into the team. This means keeping continuity throughout the club as best as possible, and not behaving petulantly or wildly, and without vision or discipline.