Tottenham will offer Jose Mourinho his final ultimatum but not yet

Jose Mourinho, Tottenham. Hotspur (Photo by ANP Sport via Getty Images)
Jose Mourinho, Tottenham. Hotspur (Photo by ANP Sport via Getty Images) /

Tottenham Hotspur have been going through a period of bad form lately, having secured only two wins in their last five games. A string of losses against Everton, Manchester City and Chelsea all recently has left many to ponder, does Jose Mourinho really frighten the big teams as much as he once did?

While they stand a good chance in the Europa League, as European competition has always been fruitful to the Portuguese manager, it’s not the kind of form Tottenham fans will be comfortable with.

So much so, that according to ESPN, Daniel Levy is will wait until the end of the season to see whether or not Mourinho will retain his place as manager.

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And as a neutral fan, I think this is exactly the correct decision. It’s important for Tottenham fans to not get too big for their boots; after all, Mourinho is a huge manager and in terms of major honours, they are a small club. Winning even the Europa League would be their biggest achievement in recent history, so Levy is right to wait it out.

Yes, they seem to have fallen behind in the Premier League but to be brutally honest, Mauricio Pochettino never challenged here either. Mourinho is working best with the players available to him so he should be given the utmost respect.

My hypothesis is that Mourinho will likely keep his job come the end of the season. Even if they only manage to mount a challenge in the Europa League but finish in the top four, this is progress for them.

Mourinho needs backing in the next transfer window. He got this backing at most of his former clubs and it proved successful. Levy and him should have an open dialogue in this regard, which I’m sure they have.

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Do you think Jose Mourinho will keep his job?