Mendilibar's post-match comments after Olympiacos advanced in Europa Conference League

The Basque coach has a clear plan for the Greek club, recalling a compatriot who previously managed the team

José Luis Mendilibar joined Olympiacos on Feb. 8, winning all three matches since. His goals for the season: shine in Europe, and dominate in Greece.
José Luis Mendilibar joined Olympiacos on Feb. 8, winning all three matches since. His goals for the season: shine in Europe, and dominate in Greece. / Fran Santiago/GettyImages

After Olympiacos secured a victory over Ferencváros in Hungary, José Luis Mendilibar, the coach of the Greek team, couldn't hide his satisfaction with his players' performance.

During the post-match press conference, Mendilibar emphasized the significance of the confidence gained by the team through their victories. "The self-belief acquired when winning games is a crucial element," asserted the Spanish coach.

When asked about the team's transformation under his guidance, Mendilibar displayed humility and stressed the importance of each player giving their all. "I know what I want to achieve; to ensure the team plays well and that every player gives their best," he commented. Additionally, he acknowledged the talent within Olympiacos' squad, noting that the confidence and quality of the players are evident on the field.

Despite the enthusiasm from Olympiacos' supporters, Mendilibar remained composed and focused on the tasks ahead. "Let's take it easy; we have many matches ahead of us," he calmly stated.

Addressing the team's tactical aspect and Ferencváros' decisions, Mendilibar showcased his commitment to his style of play. "I have a style of play that I don't want to change, regardless of the opponent," he affirmed. Furthermore, he highlighted the importance of maintaining tactical coherence despite the opposing strategies.

Mendilibar: 'It would be good to achieve what Valverde achieved at Olympiacos'

Lastly, referencing his friend Ernesto Valverde's career, Mendilibar expressed his desire to emulate the successful coach. "It would be good to achieve what Ernesto Valverde achieved at Olympiacos," he admitted. These words not only reveal his ambition to achieve excellence but also his long-term commitment to the club.

Mendilibar's statements reflect a coach who is not only focused on immediate success but also on building a strong foundation for the future. Despite signing with Olympiacos for only four months, until the end of the season, Mendilibar's commitment to the club's long-term success is evident.

Mendilibar's impact at Olympiacos continues. Mendilibar's impact at Olympiacos continues. dark. Next

There is a clause in his contract that could extend his tenure with the Greek side, showcasing his willingness to invest in the team's development beyond the current campaign. As the team progresses through the UEFA Europa Conference League and beyond, Mendilibar's leadership will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in guiding them towards their goals.