Olympiacos' transfer plans take shape with Mendilibar's extension

Fans of Olympiacos can expect an exciting transition under Mendilibar's leadership as the season unfolds

The recent renewal of José Luis Mendilibar's contract marks a notable change in leadership within Olympiacos.
The recent renewal of José Luis Mendilibar's contract marks a notable change in leadership within Olympiacos. / Anadolu/GettyImages

As the Greek Super League enters its most thrilling phase, with the title race heating up, Olympiacos fans may be absorbed in the present moment. However, behind the scenes, the club's management is already laying the groundwork for a successful summer transfer window.

Despite the focus on on-field action, it's naive to assume that major sporting organizations aren't actively planning for the future. Transfer dealings may not dominate headlines during the season, but the truth is, strategic decisions are being made year-round.

According to Greek portal SportDog, the recent contract extension for José Luis Mendilibar represents a significant shift in leadership at Olympiacos. Alongside Darko Kovacevic and Christian Karembeu, the Spaniard will spearhead the club's ambitions moving forward. While specific player targets remain undisclosed, preliminary plans for the upcoming season are already taking shape.

A key extension and up to five signings set to transform Olympiacos

One key decision already made is the renewal of Youssef El Arabi's contract, signaling the club's intention to retain its top talent. Additionally, plans are in motion to bolster the attacking line with one or two new forwards, potentially including a loan signing to provide additional depth alongside El Arabi and Stevan Jovetić. Furthermore, three defensive reinforcements are earmarked to shore up the backline.

SportDog speculates on potential targets for Olympiacos, considering Mendilibar and Kovacevic's deep understanding of Spanish football. While Sevilla emerges as an attractive prospect, their high financial demands may pose a challenge for Olympiacos. However, the Basque connections of Mendilibar open doors to other clubs like Osasuna, Real Sociedad, Alaves, and Athletic Bilbao.

Notably, reports of communication between Athletic Bilbao coach Ernesto Valverde and Olympiacos owner Evangelos Marinakis hint at a possible transfer strategy alignment between the two clubs. Valverde's purported endorsement of Mendilibar's move to Greece suggests a promising partnership on the horizon.


As the season unfolds, Olympiacos fans can anticipate an exciting period of transition, with Mendilibar at the helm guiding the club towards its future objectives. While the summer transfer window may seem distant, the groundwork being laid now will determine the team's success in the seasons to come.