Premier League: Top 5 Additions So Far

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The transfer window has been closed for over a month ago in the Premier League.

That’s right it has now been over a month since the summer transfer window closed which means we have had plenty of time to critique and grade the new stars of the Premier League.  We very clearly at this point can determine which players will be great and which ones will be a bust.

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Pretty much none of that above was true.  I didn’t even believe myself when I wrote it.  Yes we are a month into the transfer window, but it is still too early to determine who the best new members of this elite club are.

I am going to try and determine the the top five Premier League additions so far.  My one rule is that these players must be new this season to the EPL and cannot have transferred from a different club within the league.  I admit that these picks may end up looking stupid in a month.  In the end one of these players may have only had a hot start but eventually cools down, or I may have missed a clear gem.

So to cover by butt a little bit, here are a few players who just missed the cut:

Christian Gamboa (West Bromich Albion) – Many of us first learned about Gamboa this summer when his Costa Rica squad made a surprise run to the quarter-finals.  Gamboa may not be the flashiest right back, but he has the ability to play on the wing in support of the attack and I believe he will grow into a great Premier League player.

Remy Cabella (Newcastle) – This is all based on the eye test.  His statistics may not show much yet, but watching him, I thin
k he will figure it out soon and make an impact for struggling Newcastle.

Daley Blind (Manchester United) – Blind has done a good job providing midfield assistance to a struggling United back four.  He is well balanced in his defending and attacking.

Alexis Sanchez (Arsenal) – Sanchez barely missed out on the cut for the top five.  When he is on the pitch, Arsenal is a much better team.  His movement reminds me of Luis Suarez.  Always active and always looks threatening with the ball at his feet.