2014 MLS Waiver Draft Results


A few hours after the MLS Expansion Draft that saw Orlando City SC and New York City FC select 10 players each, all 20 MLS teams had the opportunity to select players in the 2014 MLS Waiver Draft.

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The purpose of this draft is for teams to choose players who are on the waiver wire. The order of the the Waiver Draft is determined by points per game after all teams have played three league games. Expansion teams in their first year, Orlando City and NYCFC are placed at the bottom of the order. The draft order was based on the 2014 season’s performance and the order in which teams were eliminated from the playoffs. Teams who were knocked out in the same round of the playoffs are put in their ranking according to their regular season point totals.

There are 58 players eligible for this MLS Waiver Draft. The group of eligible players is listed alphabetically by teams below.

Fondy, Matt (CHI)
Franco, Marco (CHI)
Sinama-Pongolle, Florent (CHI)

Barrera, Leandro (CHV)
Bolanos, Luis (CHV)
Borja, Felix (CHV)
Burling, Bobby (CHV)
Correa, Jose (CHV)
Finley, Ryan (CHV)
Hurtado, Jhon Kennedy (CHV)
Jean-Baptiste, Andrew (CHV)
Kaji, Akira (CHV)
Lochhead, Tony (CHV)
Nwiloh, Michael (CHV)
Pelletieri, Agustin (CHV)
Reo-Coker, Nigel (CHV)
Spangenberg, Trevor (CHV)

Baiden, Fifi (CLB)
Friedman, Ross (CLB)
Viana, Agustin (CLB)
Walker, Matt (CLB)
Wiet, Matt (CLB)

Agbossoumonde, Gale (COL)
Castillion, Geoffrey (COL)
Piermayr, Thomas (COL)

Cabrera, Walter (DAL)
Fernandez, Raul (DAL)
Luccin, Peter (DAL)
Top, Jonathan (DAL)
Walker, Nicholas (DAL)

Porter, Kyle (DC)

Arena, Anthony (HOU)
Salazar, Bryan (HOU)

Venter, Kyle (LA)

Bissue, James (MON)
Larrea, Gorka (MON)
Messoudi, Zakaria (MON)
Soriola, Gege (MON)

Jackson, Larry (NE)
Sanchez, Jossimar (NE)
Soffner, Luis (NE)
Sundly, Alec (NE)

Brown, Brian (PHI)
Hernandez, Cristhian (PHI)

Gallego, Bryan (POR)
Kah, Pa Modou (POR)

Lopez, Benjamin (RSL)

Gorlitz, Andreas (SJ)
Knutsen, Billy (SJ)
Muller, Tommy (SJ)
Schuler, Billy (SJ)

Dovale, Toni (SKC)
Duke, Christian (SKC)
Kafari, Michael (SKC)
Munoz, Victor (SKC)
Steuble, Martin (SKC)

Orr, Bradley (TOR)

Diouf, Mamadou (VAN)

Other rules relating to the MLSWaiver Draft as stated on MLSSoccer.com include:

"Once a team selects a player off waivers, that club is automatically moved to the bottom of the priority list for subsequent waiver selections in a given season, regardless of its points-per-game total. Players who may be placed on the MLS waiver wire are as follows:(i)             A player waived by an MLS team in the current season;(ii)            A player who completed his college eligibility within the past season, who was not made available in the SuperDraft;(iii)           A player who has remaining college eligibility (and was not made available in the SuperDraft), but the League at its discretion and after taking into account exceptional circumstances determines the player may be offered an MLS contract;(iv)          A player who has played in MLS previously where his last MLS team does not wish to exercise their right of first refusal, except in the case of returning U.S. National Team players as stated above.(v)           A player who was drafted in the SuperDraft, and who after a trial with the club is not offered a contract by the first Monday of June."

The results of the 2014 MLS Waiver Draft are listed below. Teams are not required to select a player. If they do, they go to the bottom of the waiver order.

What were your thoughts on the picks? Any surprising MLS Waiver Draft choices? Let us know in the comments section below.

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