Jozy Altidore Swapped For Jermain Defoe, Deal Is Done


The news has reportedly been confirmed via TSN, that USMNT forward, Jozy Altidore returns to MLS in exchanged for Jermain Defoe and some cash. After much speculation, Altidore finally finds himself heading back to MLS after a long career in Europe. This move serves as a win-win for both clubs and promises to make both players exceptionally happy as well. Does this move guarantee that Altidore will find his scoring touch once again in MLS?

By all accounts, this move makes a lot of sense for the respective teams involved. On the other hand, looking at how TFC leaped over other MLS teams in the allocation order because of some wired league rules that allowed them to, it makes some people question the move.

Regardless of how Altidore ended back in MLS, the move is one that fans have called for. As deadly as the Defoe and Altidore combination would have been up top for Toronto, the club still gets one of the USMNT top scorers.

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The move for Defoe back to the EPL seemed almost inevitable after his poor showing in the 2014 MLS season. He started off the season hot, scoring eight goals in the first nine games, but after that, he failed to make the 2014 FIFA World Cup squad for England and picked up a persistent groin injury that hindered his playing time. Defoe’s move back to the EPL looks to make him $129,000 a week at Sunderland.

Both players were looking for new life in their respective playing careers and this move certainly helps both players, although TFC seem to have gotten the better deal. Altidore is a younger player with many miles left in the tank, while Defoe is 32 and really does not have a lot left to offer the soccer world.

While Defoe may get more playing time than Altidore at Sunderland, it is not because one player is more superior than the next. It comes down to the type of player each is. Altidore is more fit to play in MLS, while Defoe prefers the speed and technicality of the EPL.

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When TFC kicks off in March, Altidore gets to pair with USMNT partner, Michael Bradley. Even if Jurgen Klinsmann does not like his players coming to MLS to play their soccer, this move could end up helping out the national team in the long run. Altidore and Bradley already have decent chemistry, but when you put them together on the same club team, it gives way to even bigger possibilities for player development.

What do you think of this move for Altidore and Defoe? Did one club get the better end of the deal and if so, who do you think it is?

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