Jack Grealish over Gylfi? Everton innovation may be perfect

Jack Grealish, Aston Villa (Photo by Visionhaus)
Jack Grealish, Aston Villa (Photo by Visionhaus) /

If Philippe Coutinho is one Everton innovation that may cost less than it should, Jack Grealish could be where the rest of the midfield fund goes to purchase.

In Jack Grealish, Aston Villa has a wonderful offensive midfielder, who is very capable marking and playing defense as well; he has been on the wish list of Manchester United all season but Everton may suit him better.

With Don Carlo Ancelotti on the sideline, Grealish could add a great deal to both sides of the ball for Everton; should he be partnered with another new midfielder, the two could help to reinvigorate an Everton side chocked full of young talent and enthusiasm.

Why Everton are better suited for Grealish is a matter of perspective surely, but Everton definitely has the space in midfield that is harder to come by at Manchester United, as currently constituted.

Everton: A midfield, ripe for the taking

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Everton has bright, budding talent across the front of the offensive shape; what is perhaps more remarkable is that the club has had such poor midfield production this season. This is the reason I have noted the need for midfield players like James Rodriguez, Jonathan Ikoné, Mario Götze, Philippe Coutinho and others.

Placing Coutinho alongside a player like Jack Grealish could do wonders for both players, as well as Everton as a club; Grealish is a do anything sort of player, as seen at Aston Villa. Everton would be getting a complete midfielder to compliment the ample ability of Philippe Coutinho. Simultaneously, the freedom this creates for Coutinho could be what further unlocks the ability demonstrated in his first stint at Merseyside as a Red.

In short, each player could take pressure off of the other, while doing the sort of work they find natural for themselves on the football pitch in the first instance. Everton meanwhile, would be getting innovation and dependability, something that has been lost from the midfield of Everton for sometime.

Protecting the defensive backline is some thing I harp on over the course of any offensive signing for Everton; in professional football, a wonderful defense is often aided by timely offense and Everton can be no exception in this.

The Toffees Summer: Where does the money go if it is spent?

We always talk about the potential signings that teams, like Everton, may make to improve their team; what about the larger picture? How will Everton build on their summer signings, once they begin to make them?

A pair of thoughtful, innovative midfielders may be the most crucial of all innovations; while Everton will likely take a loss in selling Gylfi Sigurdsson away, his sale will aid in purchasing new players in his wake. Selling Theo Walcott and/or Bernard Duarte could be useful in creating funding to go after an excellent, young winger to accompany names like Richarlison, Dominic Calvert-Lewin and Moise Kean.

The Toffees still have Alex Iwobi, sparsely used in his first year at Everton, for either the wing or central midfield use; I have made the case for him as a midfielder, indeed as a number ten in fact. He could certainly play either position and so it is Carlo Ancelotti’s decision in this regard; I would play him on the wing, bring in two midfield names, sell the aforementioned three and bring in another wing.

With a Winger and two midfield offensive pieces garnered, help at the centre back position and central defensive midfielder position will be necessary. Jean-Philippe Gbamin suffered an early injury prior to the Toffee’s match against Aston Villa and has yet to recover; getting him a suitable partner will be crucial in protecting the defensive backline as well.

With three players sold and five or six purchased, Everton will have spent some serious money after having stayed austere during the Winter Transfer Window. To be a contender it is necessary to spend money like one; Everton know this and that’s why I do not feel my assertion is too generous with the coffers at Goodison Park.

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Jack Grealish is a great fit on a hardworking football club, in a hardworking part of Merseyside and alongside the talent at Everton, it is difficult to see the downside should the team decide to strike for him. In doing so, the team will push forward into a new era of competitive football in the Premier League.